How To Find Out The Right Medela Breast Pump Parts

Medela Breast Pump Accessory

When I first had a baby, I didn’t realize the importance of having a breast pump. My plan was to breastfeed my son, so having a breast pump on hand was not a high priority. Little did I know that I’d need to pump shortly after giving birth. After meeting with a lactation consultant to get help with my son’s latching, I began to pump and bought some extra Medela breast pump parts such as additional membranes and flanges. Having backups on hand really helps in a pinch. It can also cut down on all of the washing that goes along with pumping.

When I went back to work full time, having extras of things such as flanges and bottles really helped. As you may have discovered, you have to wash and dry a lot of breast pump parts every time you pump. When you pump four to five times a day, all that washing and drying can get tiresome. Having another set of Medela breast pump parts will make your life easier.

If you’re just starting to research breast pumps, you may be confused by all of the different parts and accessories Medela breast pump accessories work exclusively with Medela pumps. In addition, Medela has different styles of pumps and certain accessories only fit a particular pump. Pay attention to the description when buying extra accessories to ensure they’ll fit your pump.

Medela Breast Pumps Overview

Medela is a well-known brand of breast pumps and accessories for lactating moms. What makes their pumps stand out is the two-phase expression technology with one-touch let-down button. This feature is designed to mimic a baby’s natural sucking pattern to get more milk at each session.

There are two types of pumps sold by Medela: open loop and closed loop. The Medela Pump In Style, Freestyle Sonata, and Swing pumps are open-loop pumps. What that means is that they are designed to be used by only one person.

Closed-loop breast pumps, on the other hand, are designed to be used by multiple women. This style of pump is sometimes referred to as a hospital-grade pump. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize the term hospital-grade, what this really refers to is multi-user pumps. These pumps are used in hospitals since they can be used by many different lactating moms.

What Types of Medela Breast Pump Parts Are Available?

Some of the available Medela breast pump parts include replacement tubing, flanges, breast shields, replacement membranes, storage bottles and accessory sets. In addition, Medela offers a number of additional pumping accessories that are helpful. These include car adaptors, battery packs and micro-steam bags (one of my favorite accessories!).

What to Consider When Buying Medela Breast Pump Parts

There are certain Medela breast pump parts you’ll want to buy along with your pump. Membranes can wear out quickly (or sometimes be faulty), so having an extra pack gives great peace of mind.

Also, try out the breast shields/flanges that come with your pump before you need to use them. If they don’t fit, you can buy the right size before you need to use the pump. You should also buy extras to help cut down on all of the washing and drying.

When looking for parts, pay special attention to the description. Not all Medela breast pump parts fit all Medela breast pumps. Make sure the part or accessory you’re buying is compatible with the pump that you’re using. Certain parts such as breast shields, for example, cannot be returned once you buy them for hygienic reasons.

How We Reviewed

When looking at Medela breast pump parts, we made sure to note pump compatibility. Medela parts are pump-specific, so it’s important to pay attention to the description when ordering a replacement. In addition, we pointed out comfort features that will make pumping or storing breastmilk easier.

Medela Breast Pump Parts

The most common Medela breast pump parts are the breast shields (flanges), replacement tubing, bottles, and milk storage. Medela also offers accessory sets and kits, which are bundles of parts offered together at a discount.

Flanges/breast shields and parts

Medela offers two types of breast shields: standard and PersonalFit. Most Medela pumps include a standard breast shield in size medium.

The standard breast shield is just one piece while the PersonalFit version has two pieces. If you buy a PersonalFit breast shield, you’ll also need to get a connector if the set does not include it. Both types require a valve and membrane a well.

Medela’s breast shields come in different sizes from small to extra-extra-large (XXL). The breast shield diameter ranges from 21 millimeters (mm) for the small size to 36 (mm) for the XXL. Talk to a lactation consultant about how to choose the right breast shield size. Or you can check out Medela’s guidelines to help you pick a size that will work for you.

Medela Standard Breast Shield

Medela Breast Shield, Valve and Membrane
  • Authentic Medela spare parts
  • Compatible with all Medela breast milk bottles
  • Works with select Medela breast pumps, (does not work with Sonata, Freestyle, Swing, or Harmony breast pumps)

Medela’s standard breast shield is made of a single piece and comes with a valve and membrane. It’s compatible with all Medela breastmilk bottles. The shield can be used with the Medela Pump In Style and Symphony breast pumps. It’s not compatible with the Medela Freestyle, Swing, and Harmony breast pumps. All parts of this shield are BPA free.

Some of the positives of this breast shield are the combined breast shield and connector, which makes it easier to clean. It also means fewer parts to keep track of and replace. Unfortunately, some users had issues getting the single piece design into a pumping bra for hands-free pumping.

Medela PersonalFit Breast Shield (2 pack)

Medela PersonalFit Breastshield x2 Size: Standard Std. 24 mm
  • 30mm PersonalFit Breastshields - 2 Pack
  • Attaches to PersonalFit Connectors (not included)

Every woman has different breasts, and the PersonalFit breast shield by Medela aims to address that. It comes in five different sizes to help you find the right fit. Proper breast shield fit is essential not only for comfort but also for effective milk expression. The shields are BPA free.

Some of the advantages of this breast shield are the different sizes that help you find what’s comfortable for you. It also makes it easier to use with a pumping bra than the single-piece design. However, some users reported difficulty finding the right fit.

Medela PersonalFit Connectors (2 pack)

Medela PersonalFit Connectors WITH Valves & Membranes 2 pairs- Bulk
  • Medela PersonalFit Connectors WITH Valves & Membranes 2 pairs - Bulk
  • Includes : 4 connectors ; 4 valves ; 4 membranes ( bulk packing - Not available in retails packing)
  • Compatible with most Medela breastpumps: Works with most Medela breastpumps (except Single Deluxe, Freestyle, Swing and...

These connectors are compatible with most Medela breast pumps except the Single Deluxe, Freestyle, Swing, and Harmony. They make finding the right fit breast shield easier since you can switch out the shield sizes but keep the same connectors. All parts are BPA free.

Some of the positives of the PersonalFit connectors are the ability to interchange the breast shields to find the right fit. They are also compatible with many different Medela pumps. However, some users reported issues with them tightening around the bottles and letting air in while pumping.

Replacement tubing

Medela offers replacement tubing for all of their pumps. One thing to keep in mind is that the tubing for each pump will be different. Make sure you are ordering the tubing that will fit your particular breast pump, or it won’t connect properly.

Medela Breast Pump Tubing

Nenesupply Tubing 4 Tubes Compatible with Medela Pump in Style...
  • NENESUPPLY TUBING FOR MEDELA PUMP IN STYLE Advanced breastpump PISA. Contain FOUR transparent plastic tubing. MADE BY...
  • FOUR 42" LONG, CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT PLASTIC TUBING with an adaptor on one end, and soft end on the other. SAME SUCTION...

When you purchase your pump, it will come with tubing (the plastic tube that connects the breast shield to the pump motor). If you use your pump several times a day, you will want to replace this every few months to ensure proper suction.

Bottles and milk storage

All Medela bottles are easy to clean and easy to use. One of the great things about their bottles is that they’re compatible with all pumps so you can pump directly into the bottle. When you are ready to feed your baby, just add a nipple, and you’re good to go. You can also put a cap on the bottle and store the milk for later.

Medela Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles, 5 Ounce

No products found.

The 5-ounce bottles by Medela work well when you’re pumping since they’re lighter. They’re compatible with all Medela pumps and come with screw-on lids for safe storage, travel, and freezing. They can be used to store breastmilk both in the refrigerator and freezer.

Some of the positives of these bottles are the lightweight design, screw-on lid and ability to use in the freezer. In addition, they are dishwasher and microwave safe and BPA-free. However, some users reported the bottles warped after washing in the dishwasher and started leaking.

Medela Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles, 8 Ounce

Medela Breastmilk Collection Storage Feeding Bottle with Lids-8 Pack...
  • Designed to collect, freeze, and store larger amounts of breastmilk.
  • Contains one 250ml/8oz container with lid.
  • DEHP and BPA free.

As your baby gets older and starts drinking more milk at each feeding, you’ll want to get a set of the 8-ounce bottles by Medela. They are also compatible with all Medela pumps and can be used for feeding by attaching a collar and nipple.

Some of the advantages of these bottles are the larger size, which allows for storing and freezing more breastmilk. They also come with handy screw-on lids for safe storage. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe and made of BPA-free plastic. Unfortunately, some users reported yellowing over time and thinning of the plastic.

Medela Pump and Save Breastmilk Bags

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags, 100 Count, Ready to Use Breastmilk...
  • HYGIENICALLY PRE-SEALED: The Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags have been hygienically pre-sealed with durable material and...
  • DURABLE DOUBLE-LAYER MATERIAL: These ready to use breastmilk storage bags are constructed from a durable double-layer...
  • SELF-STANDING DESIGN: Our breastmilk storage bags are self-standing and come with a large write-on area, so you can...

These 5-ounce bags make it easy to pump and store breastmilk. They’re compatible with most Medela pumps and allow you to pump directly into the bag. The bags feature an easy-close zipper top that doesn’t leak and a stand-up bottom to prevent spills. You can use them for refrigerator or freezer storage.

Some of the positives of these bags are the ability to pump directly into them with the use of an easy-connect adapter. However, these are pricier than other breastmilk storage bags, and some people reported they leaked.

Medela accessory sets

If you’re starting with pumping from scratch, Medela bundles can save you money. They vary between the different pump styles so make sure you are purchasing a set that’s compatible with your pump. Some of the most common sets include extra bottles, breast shields, replacement tubing, connectors, and membranes.

If you’re planning on getting replacement parts or need some backups just in case, take a look at the sets that Medela offers before purchasing anything individually. It can save you money in the long run.

Other useful Medela pumping accessories

Now that you have the basics covered, Medela also offers some optional but very useful items that can help with pumping.

Medela car adapters

Medela Car Charger for Breast Pumps, 12 Volt Vehicle Lighter Adaptor,...
  • Convenient alternative power option for Medela Freestyle, Pump In Style Advanced breast pumps (purchased prior to...
  • Authentic Medela Spare Parts are engineered, tested and approved to work specifically with your Medela breast pump.
  • 8 foot long cord gives you some extra room to charge your pump in your vehicle

Medela offers car adaptors for the Pump In Style, Lactina, and Freestyle breast pumps. Make sure you check that the car adaptor you purchase will fit your particular breast pump. These can come in handy if you need to pump on the go.

Below are a couple of options for adaptors for your Medela pump. Please refer to your vehicle’s manual to make sure they’re compatible.

Medela 9-volt vehicle light adaptor

Medela 12-volt vehicle light adaptor

Medela Battery Pack for 9 Volt Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Battery Pack, Portable Unit for 9 Volt Pump in...
  • Offers opportunity for moms to customize their pump to fit their lifestyle
  • Perfect for pumping on the go, no need to worry about finding an outlet
  • Spare unit for work or travel; replacement unit for lost or damaged adaptor

If you want to pump on-the-go and don’t have access to an electric outlet, having a battery pack can be very useful. This can be a great purchase for work or travel to make it easy to pump anywhere, anytime.

Some of the advantages of this battery pack are that it provides up to three hours of pumping time. It allows you to pump anywhere without the need for an outlet. It uses eight AA batteries that are not included. However, some users reported lower suction when using it over the regular power adapter.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of Medela breast pump parts available to fit your needs. If you plan to pump several times a day, ordering some spare parts such as tubing to have on hand is a good idea. With regular use, the parts do wear out, which reduces the effectiveness of your pump.

One thing to keep in mind is that Medela breast pump parts are very specific for each pump so pay attention when ordering. It’s always better to have parts on hand as a replacement before you actually need them. In addition, if you plan to pump on-the-go, Medela offers options such as a car adaptor and battery back to make it easier to pump anywhere.

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