The Lansinoh Breast Pump: Cares About Breastfeeding Moms

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Lansinoh Breast Pump: Best Products for Breastfeeding

There are few things more critical to the health and growth of a child than breast milk. Mom's unique blend of vitamins, nutrients, and hormones will help your baby grow up healthier and smarter. In today's society, pumping breast milk with products like the Lansinoh Breast Pump allows women the freedom to go back to their routine after childbirth without denying their little one that precious milk.

While pumping isn't anywhere near an American exclusive, The US accounts for over 40 percent of the world breast pump market. According to one study, an astounding 85 percent of American women who breastfeed use a pump. Without family leave to fall back on, American women find themselves going back to work far too soon, turning breast pumping from a convenient way to let dad help into a necessity. Breast pumping is such a part of everyday life in the United States that it is a covered item under the Affordable Care Act.




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Lansinoh Breast Pumps

Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump with Bluetooth and App
  • global leader in quality pumps 
  •  uses a single motor to run both pumps
  • Spectra Breast Pumps

    Spectra - S2 Plus Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding
  • include an exclusive “backflow protection”
  • carries two pumps that are industry standard “hospital grade.”
  • customers love their products
  • Freemie Breast Pumps

    Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free and Concealable Breast...
  • “freedom cups” are collection cups that hold 8 ounces of milk
  • isn't for women with ample bosoms
  • Ameda Breast Pumps

    No products found.
  • Ameda is the oldest name in breast pumps
  • designed the first pump to truly mimic a child suckling
  • No products found.

    Evenflo Breast Pumps

    Evenflo Feeding Occasional Use Closed System Advanced Single Electric...
  • is the baby product company we chose to pick on
  • the most cost-effective pump to sell
  • Medela Breast Pumps

    Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack
  • recommended by doctors more than any other brand
  • insurance claim has a great chance of landing you the apex of what a hospital grade breast pump should be
  • Lansinoh Breast Pump

    Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump with Bluetooth and App
    • SMART PUMP: This Double Electric Breast Pump connects to the Lansinoh Baby App via bluetooth to track & simplify breast...
    • VERSATILE & EFFICIENT: This double electric breast pump is the ultimate in comfort, with 3 pumping styles & 8 suction...
    • CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC: Lansinoh breast pumps allow you to pump directly into our pre-sterilized Lansinoh breastmilk...

    About Lansinoh

    Lansinoh is all about breastfeeding. Founded by a breastfeeding mom looking to alleviate sore nipples, Lansinoh fist came onto the scene with their cornerstone product, HPA® Lanolin. Decades later, Lansinoh has established itself as one of the most recognized names in the breastfeeding section of your favorite local retailer.

    While Lansinoh is large and in charge at Walmart and Target, they do not produce a pump to compete with the high-end hospital-grade pumps on the market today. A Lansinoh Breast Pump is designed to be functional and comfortable at a price point that won't break the bank.

    The part-time pumper will find Lansinoh products perfectly suitable for their needs. 60 percent of American women who pump do so because they have to go back to work. There is a slew of reasons for pumping, of course, but "need" tops the list. There is also the matter of convenience, however, which is where Lansinoh products excel.

    Lansinoh products may not be of the same quality as other pumps, but they make up for it plenty of different ways.  Not only will they offer advice on your pump, but they are also experts in the field of breastfeeding in general.

    How Breast Pumps Work

    mother using breast pump

    Breast pumps are about as simple as technology gets, and yet they are incredibly diverse. Some companies tend to stick with their methods without much change, and some companies are innovators -- always looking for the next best product. The concept itself, however, is constant and unchanging: Mimic the suckling of an infant.

    Suction cups, called flanges, fit over the nipple and areola to create the mouth. Suction is created either manually, via a hand or foot motion, or with an electric pump. More advanced pumps will also replicate a baby's natural rhythm, starting out at a fast, shallow pace and slowing to a deeper, slower pull when the milk flows freely.

    All electric pumps worth buying, including the Lansinoh Breast Pump, are "closed systems." They use plastic tubing to connect the flanges to the motor. A closed system ensures that no milk can travel in the lines or make it into the gears, reducing the risk of viruses and harmful bacteria.

    Lansinoh Breast Pump Features

    woman holding lansinoh breast pump

    The Lansinoh Breast Pump may not be top of the line, but it is a product designed with moms in mind. Lansinoh's high-end pump, which they do designate as "hospital-grade," comes in a kit complete with everything you need to pump successfully. It is small, lightweight, and rechargeable. It also comes Bluetooth capable with an app for tracking milk production.

    The lower-end pump, which also comes with all the accessories necessary, is virtually identical without the rechargeable battery. It comes with an AC adapter, but it can also operate on regular, single-use batteries.

    A Lansinoh Breast Pump may not be able to compete with some of the bigger brands, but they do give it their best effort. Lansinoh customers are loyal and love their products. They've accepted some of the things that most would list as cons as part of owning a fantastic pump for far less money.


    Where Can I Get One?

    You can find a Lansinoh Breast Pump virtually anywhere that sells breastfeeding equipment and supplies as. They are also available through nearly every online retailer -- including Amazon -- as well as on their website.

    How We Reviewed

    We compared the features of the Lansinoh Breast Pump with those of five leading companies. We considered private research, professional and customer opinions and doctor recommendations. Comfort and reliability are the qualities most important in a breast pump.

    Comparing The Lansinoh Breast Pump

    Lansinoh is in a unique position. There are tons of re-sellers out there pumping out knock-offs of good brands for cheap money. While a perfectly-functioning forgery is a great idea, it isn't something that exists reliably. Lansinoh, therefore, can't be compared to generic products.

    Unfortunately, that leaves the pumps that are considered "elite" along with a couple of companies worthy of noting and not much else. Within those companies, however, are a great range of products you need to be aware of before making your final decision to buy a Lansinoh Breast Pump.

    Spectra Breast Pumps

    Spectra - S2 Plus Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding
    • Natural Nursing Technology: Our Spectra S2 electric breast pump features technology that allows comfortable suction...
    • Personalized Settings: Adjust the breast pump settings to fit your preference with adjustable suction levels and two...
    • Single or Double Pumping: Can be used as a single electric breast pump or a double electric breast pump and for best...

    Spectra Baby is a company much like Lansinoh. Run by moms, RNs and Lactation Specialists, Spectra is all about the breast milk. Spectra has developed "backflow protection" that makes your closed system even safer. It ensures that no milk is ever exposed to any harmful bacteria.

    Spectra pumps are also considered "hospital-grade." The term itself is an industry term and not an official designation. There are pumps you wouldn't use on your worst enemy out there calling themselves "hospital grade." Where Spectra is concerned, however, the term fits. When your insurance company gives you a choice of breast pumps, Spectra's flagship pump will be on the list.

    Customers have mixed feelings about Spectra pumps, which is typical of high-end products in this category. Many of the complaints about Spectra have to do with their lower end pump. The breastfeeding market is unforgiving. The needs of a breastfeeding woman are so diverse that there is no pleasing everyone.

    What one woman sees as low suction, another sees as just right. Flanges, sound, suction programs -- the possibility of negative reviews never ends. What we looked for, instead, were complaints about reliability. We couldn't find many. As a rule, Spectra pumps do not break down. They do not leak or allow milk into the lines. When someone buys a Spectra that does break down or have faults, the company stands behind their products. 

    Freemie Breast Pumps

    Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free and Concealable Breast...
    • Includes a set of Freemie Collection Cups that are compatible with the most popular electric pumps
    • To use the Freemie cups from this set with another pump, the appropriate connection kit for that pump is required
    • Cup weight (empty): 2.5 ounces each ; 5 ounces total

    Freemie sells imposters of the Spectra low-end pump. Their claim to fame, however, isn't breast pumps at all. Freemie's "freedom cups" are wildly popular with women who pump. The innovative design is curved like the breast and fits inside a nursing bra. You pump directly into the cups, hands-free, with all of your clothing on.

    It sounds too good to be true because it is. Freemie's freedom cups work best while sitting or standing in a stationary position. At home, at work, and in the car are suddenly the best of the available options. According to Freemie's customers, they're unimpressed with the pump but love the heck out of the collection cups.

    Women with plus-sized breasts had issues with comfort and milk flow using Freemie cups. They found a more traditional method to collect and store worked better.

    Ameda Breast Pumps

    No products found.

    Ameda has been doing breast pumps for three-quarters of a century. They are well-known and well-respected in the breastfeeding world as innovators. Unfortunately, their innovations are slacking well behind their modern competition.

    Ameda has a solid, loyal base of customers and doctors who recommend them. Their website says 77 percent of their customers would recommend a friend. Their Amazon reviews, however, are far more telling. Milk in the lines and noise are the two biggest complaints. Milk in a closed system means the entire thing needs to be taken apart, sterilized and put back together again.

    Add complaints about comfort and noise and Ameda isn't in the same category as Lansinoh, which sells for far less. Still, being around for a long time and keeping your base happy is an effective way to control a portion of the market.

    Evenflow Breast Pumps

    Evenflo Feeding Occasional Use Closed System Advanced Single Electric...
    • CLOSED HYGENIC SYSTEM - Protecting your breast milk is important, which is why Evenflo created their Advanced Single...
    • PERFECT FIT - Pumping shouldn't hurt. When pumping is uncomfortable or hurts, it can suppress the amount of milk you are...
    • TENSION FREE - Sitting in an uncomfortable position while pumping can also affect how much you are able to express. This...

    Evenflow is the only company on the list that sells every baby item imaginable, including breast pumps. 

    Those in need of a decent stroller or a changing pad or perhaps a nice pack and play crib will find all kinds of great products from Evenflow. What they won't find, unfortunately, is a breast pump worth buying.

    Medela Breast Pumps

    Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack
    • Medela is the #1 Physician Recommended Breast Pump Product in the U.S.*
    • DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP: Pump in Style is designed for daily use and moms who pump several times a day, thanks to...
    • EASY PORTABILITY: Conveniently built into a stylish microfiber backpack for uncomplicated mobility, the Pump in Style...

    Medela is the apex of the breast pump world. ASwiss company specializing in suction, Medela sent a division to the United States 25-years ago to develop breast pumps for an emerging medical market. They have owned that market since. Madella boasts more doctor recommendations than any other brand. Their pumps, which are more expensive than any on the market, receive consistently high marks from customers.

    Madela has one goal, and that is leading the market in breastfeeding innovations. Other companies have spent years playing catch-up. When you buy a Medela, much like when you buy a Lansinoh Breast Pump, you can rest assured that everything you need is included.

    For the full-time pumper, especially those covered by insurance, Medela is worth a look.

    Our Final Thoughts

    Lansinoh is a great company. They care about breastfeeding. They care about keeping current. The founder's staple product is still a standard item in the perfect new mom's gift basket. Their breast pumps combine affordability with comfort, convenience, and overall impressive design.

    There are a lot of companies out there with pumps that are stronger or "better" because a doctor recommended it. It's your milk you're pumping and your baby who's eating. With a Lansinoh pump and the knowledge of what to expect from it, neither of you will be disappointed.

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