Breastfeeding Tops: Product Reviews

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At home with your newborn, cuddling and nursing, sharing sweet moments skin to skin; when suddenly the neighbor shows up with a casserole and asks if she can stay for a visit? What do you do if you want to go to the grocery store or if your conservative in-laws are coming to see the baby, and you don’t care for the awkward moments elicited by a little bit of breast exposure? We live in a culture that is uncomfortable with seeing breasts used for breastfeeding. Some of us may choose not to care and simply disrobe, while others may prefer breastfeeding tops.

Breastfeeding opens a whole new world of clothing decisions, which might leave some parents feeling overwhelmed with one more decision in the first weeks of baby’s life. Having some basic options for breastfeeding tops can help new parents feel more prepared for those early public breastfeeding moments.

There are some basic wardrobe modifications that can make any new parent feel more ready to breastfeeding in public. Wearing tanks under clothing, scarves, button ups or tie shut tops, crossover shirts and belly bands can all help expand your current wardrobe and make it more breastfeeding friendly. Sometimes, though, a good quality breastfeeding top is the way to go, as it give an easy way to breastfeed in public.

In this article we look at some best breastfeeding tops out there to try to help you find a good fit. We compare a few breastfeeding tops for their price, ease of use, materials, design quality, style and versatility, and pros and cons.

Smallshow Breastfeeding Top

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The Smallshow Breastfeeding Top is a double layer shirt that looks like a short sleeved t-shirt with a seam under the breasts. Underneath is a tank shell with flaps that can be brought down for breastfeeding. Lift the front flap, pull down the tank flap, and you are all set. These shirts come in packages of three with a variety of color options, including brown, black, gray, lake blue, dark blue, navy, burgundy, sky blue, green, coral, yellow, wine, and orange. The colors may look different in person than they do on the screen.

Product Specs

They are made of soft and stretchy modal fabric and are shaped to fit a postpartum body, running a little big. Comfort is a guarantee here. Know that modal will stretch with use; although it will usually return to shape following a wash. Caring for these shirts requires a little effort as the manufacturer recommends hand washing and no drying. Wrinkles may show and milk stains may become permanent if not dealt with immediately and correctly.

They are affordable at about $12 USD per shirt and come with a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Love them or your money back warranty.” This is a great and versatile breastfeeding top that can be paired with jeans or a skirt and easily dressed up or layered up for all seasons and settings. Consider wearing it with a cardigan or suit jacket to a dinner party or with pajama pants to lounge on the couch entertaining all of the new baby visitors.

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We picked a few similar breastfeeding tops available on the market to see how they compare to the Smallshow Breastfeeding Tops. Below you can see our comparison for price, ease of use, materials, design quality, style and versatility, and pros and cons.

  • Smallshow Breastfeeding Top
  • BEAdressy Breastfeeding Top
  • Larenba Breastfeeding Hoodie
  • Zumiy Breastfeeding Tank

Smallshow Women's Maternity

Smallshow 3 Pcs Maternity Nursing T-shirt Modal Short Sleeve Nursing...
  • Featuring simple lift up nursing access at the front,double layer for easier nursing
  • Basic style,easy to dress up with maternity jean or legging and sandals for summer


The variety of colors, the fit, and the ability to pair this shirt with any outfit from pajamas to fancy dress means the Smallshow Breastfeeding Top gets perfect marks for style and versatility.


  • Soft, stretchy, and comfortable
  • Available in a LOT of colors
  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive


  • Requires special laundering
  • Wrinkles easily
  • Stains easily

Maternity Breastfeeding

BEAdressy Women Double Layer Striped Print Long Sleeve Maternity...
  • Material: Cotton and blend
  • Stripe print patchwork nursing tops for breastfeeding with button
  • Double layer front, great convenient to nursing your baby

The BEAdressy Breastfeeding Top uses the same double layer design to provide an easy to use breastfeeding top. Pull up the top layer and pull down the bottom layer to allow for breastfeeding while keeping the midriff and upper chest covered. These breastfeeding tops are made of a cotton blend that users report is very comfortable.

They come three-tone patchwork style with a variety of attractive color combinations, including floral black and blue, orange, black, gray, navy, and striped. Printed patterns hide milk stains well. Some even have decorative buttons at collarbone. These are long sleeved which makes them a great option for cooler weather; add a cardigan sweater and it becomes a bit easier to stay warm while breastfeeding in cool spring and autumn months.

Actual users report loving these tops, stating that that comfort and style are perfect. The only consistent complaint comes with sizes that run small and the fabric does not launder well over time; so consider ordering a size up and use care when washing.


The style of of the BEAdressy Breastfeeding Top is attractive. It is not as versatile as other breastfeeding tops because of the complicated prints.


  • Long sleeve
  • Cotton blend materials
  • Prints hide milk stains


  • Fits small
  • May become pilled with washing
  • Patterns may limit matching

Larenba Women's Maternity

Larenba Maternity Nursing Tops for Work, Women's Color Block Hoodie...
  • Fabric: 60% polyester + 35% cotton + 5% spandex,breathable and elastic.It's not very thin or thick material.
  • Concealed zip cut-outs makes it easy to breastfeed and double pump
  • Designed with drawstring hood, long sleeves and pocket

The Larenba Breastfeeding Hoodie is really more of a long sleeve breastfeeding top than a jacket. It is a medium weight fabric made of a very soft poly, cotton and spandex blend. This does give it some breathability and the ability to hold its shape well. It is stretchy and fits well while still allowing room in all the important postpartum areas.

It has a drawstring hood and a pocket in the front for hands or a wallet. The shirt has a concealed zipper opening for breastfeeding rather than any flaps; once closed it looks like a non-breastfeeding top and can easily be used after weaning. This breastfeeding top comes in many colors including flannels in blue, gray, yellow, and green; heathers in black, blue, green, and rose; and solids in black, wine, and red.

Choose a flannel or a heather pattern to hide milk stains well. This shirt can run a little big in the body and short in the arms, which is the only major complaint we have. It is worth a try to see if it fits your body type.


The design flaw of short arms and wide body may be an issue for most people. We love the design otherwise.


  • Materials hold up well
  • Concealed zippers for breastfeeding
  • Variety of colors including patterns


  • Zippers can catch
  • Arms run short
  • Not really a jacket

ZUMIY Nursing Maternity Top

Nursing Maternity Top, ZUMIY Pregnant Breastfeeding Shirt, Women's...
  • Super quality Nursing Maternity Top / Pregnant Breastfeeding Shirt And Cami Tank top. V Neck: can be placed nursing pads...
  • Casual outdoor/ indoor sleeveless living styles Cotton V Neck Pregnant Maternity top tank, comfortable and easy feeding...
  • Cotton Ruched Waist Double Layered Patchwork design for every stage of Pregnancy and after postpartum. V breast can be...

We LOVE this breastfeeding top. A good breastfeeding tank is an essential part of a new parents wardrobe, and the Zumiy Breastfeeding Tank is no disappointment. These cami style tanks are mostly cotton for comfort and breathability with just enough spandex to keep their shape and hold a true fit. They are stretchy and fitted, but not too form fitting.

They can be worn alone as a casual tank top or layered under other tops for a more put-together look. They have a ruched waist that can hold a pregnant or postpartum belly comfortably, and the cups can directly hold breast pads. This eliminates the need for a separate nursing bra. They are true to size and come in black, blue, gray, white, yellow, and some prints.


This breastfeeding top is stylish with a scalloped neckline, v-neck design, and ruched waist. It can be paired with a large variety of outfits or worn on its own.


  • Mostly cotton
  • Very versatile and attractive
  • Comfortable waistline
  • Holds breastfeeding pads


  • Armholes may run small
  • Casual appearance
  • Low cut and revealing


mom carrying her baby

Having compared the Smallshow Breastfeeding Top to several other similar breastfeeding tops, including the BEAdressy Breastfeeding Top, Larenba Breastfeeding Hoodie, and the Zumiy Breastfeeding Tank, we think the Smallshow Breastfeeding Top is a great option for parents who want a versatile basic wardrobe piece.

This breastfeeding top is affordable enough to justify purchasing several colors or replacing items that get stained or incorrectly laundered. The Smallshow Breastfeeding Top is a great t-shirt option that can be worn alone or layered as part of an outfit. Overall, it has points for versatility, comfort, and fit; with just a couple dings for difficulty with laundry care.

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