Breast Pump Bra: Product Reviews for Breastfeeding

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Breast milk is the best nourishment you can offer to your newborn for the first six months of his/her life. Moms are known to be great at multi-tasking; though juggling work and trying to successfully nurse your newborn may seem challenging for working moms. Breast pumps and associated accessories such as breast pump bras will make pumping at work easy and quick.

Pumping breast milk is the best way for working moms to continue to nourish their babies, even though they’re away from home for the majority of the day. Working moms who pump at work want the process to be quick and efficient, so they can get back to their duties sooner. Choosing an efficient hands-free breast pump is the first step in ensuring that pumping will work for you in the long run. Among the many accessories to help your pumping journey, breast pump bras play an important role.

Breast pump bras are a convenient option for working moms because it frees up a mom's hands during pumping sessions. This allows you to talk, text or type while you’re pumping. Breast pump bras also improve breast pump action by creating a better seal for the pump flanges to improve suction.

What Are Dairy Fairy Rose Breast Pump Bras?

The Diary Fairy Rose breast pump bras provide double hands-free pumping with easy access to attach pump flanges on both nipples. The pump flanges are firmly supported, which gives you the convenience of doing other chores when pumping. This breast pump bra is made of soft nylon lycra, making it super-comfortable to wear all day long.

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This bra includes two panels that offer firm support for breasts and access for the pump flanges. The bra is designed with a top layer that features multiple settings to tighten the bra when drained or loosen when engorged, making it ideal for nursing moms. You can conveniently attach pump flanges on the opening located in the lower nylon lycra panel. This bra is made of quick-drying material, so leakage of breast milk or spillage during pumping will not leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Product Specifications

Dairy Fairy Rose bras are compatible with all popular breast pumps brands and models available in the market. This bra not only serves its function, but also looks neat without the use of tacky bands, velcros, zippers, hooks, or pulleys. This bra also serves as a nursing bra, and includes a nursing clip to allow for a quick release of the clip and offer access when your baby needs to nurse.

How Dairy Fairy Rose Bra Compares to Similar Products

To understand how the Dairy Fairy Rose bra compares to similar products in a similar market segment, we picked a few identical products available on the market to see how they match up.

We reviewed the following breast pump bras:

  • Rosie​ Pope Pump & Nurse Underwire Breast Pump Bras
  • Rumina Pump & Nurse Classic Crossover Breast Pump Bras
  • Desirelove Nursing & Breast Pump Bras

Dairy Fairy Rose Breast Pump

The Dairy Fairy Arden- All-in-One Nursing and Hands-Free Pumping Bra,...
  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL: One gorgeous bra for hands-free pumping OR nursing and pumping simultaneously; Convenient and...
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE: Both sides are independent to allow for simultaneous nursing on one side and hands-free pumping on...
  • HIGHLY COMFORTABLE: 2 panels for support of your breasts and the pump flanges. Cover panel is super soft cotton that...

Multi-tasking is important for a new mom who wants to pump to offer the best nourishment to her baby. Breast pump bras are designed to provide hands-free support so you can continue with your work while you pump. The Diary Fairy Rose breast pump bra supports your nursing/pumping experience by offering a comfortable design and perfect fit that facilitates easy nursing and hands-free pumping. The attractive design and great functionality make the Dairy Fairy Rose breast pump bra a great product to invest in.

Quality of Support

Among the several breast pump bras available on the market, this bra provides light support and can be comfortably worn throughout the day. The Dairy Fairy Rose breast pump bra is also comfortable to wear during the night.

Level of Comfort

This breast pump bra is made of soft lycra material and is extremely comfortable to wear. The multiple rows of hooks on this bra combined with closure techniques make this breast pump bra comfortable for your postpartum body. Breastfeeding moms are often troubled by engorged breasts that can be painful. This bra is made of soft, stretchy fabric that accommodates fluctuations in breast size due to engorgement, making your breastfeeding experience more comfortable.


The Dairy Fairy Rose breast pump bra ranks high in terms of functionality. The best feature of this bra is that it acts as both a pumping bra and a nursing bra, so you don’t have to change multiple times. This breast pump bra holds pump flanges tightly in position, giving you hands-free comfort to manage other errands while you pump.

Attractive Design

A new mom needs sensuous lingerie to feel beautiful in her post-partum body. The beautiful and comfortable design makes this breast pump bra an ideal addition to your wardrobe. The intricately detailed lace design on this bra gives it a feminine touch, making you feel beautiful regardless of your baby body. Many breast pump bras available in the market include velcros and hooks, which look tacky and are uncomfortable to wear. The Dairy Fairy Rose bra features no zippers, velcros or hooks, making it look elegant.


  • Serves the dual function of a nursing and pumping bra
  • Soft material makes it comfortable for all day and night use
  • No underwires make it super comfortable to wear


  • Doesn’t hold the pump flanges as tightly as it should
  • Includes very thin padding, not enough to provide support for women with large busts
  • The bra straps sometimes fall over the shoulders

Rosie Pope Pump and Nurse Underwire Breast Pump Bra

Rosie Pope Women's Long Line Two in One Bra
  • Hands-free pumping back smoothing
  • Adjustable straps, hook and eye closure
  • Soft and breathable fabric

The Rosie Pope Pump and Nurse Underwire Breast Pump Bra is a long-line bra, designed for nursing and pumping mothers. The noteworthy feature of this breast bra pump is its pretty, lacey design and its dual functionality as a nursing bra that also provides hands-free support for pumping. This breast pump bra has a front zipper closure for a comfortable fit and includes adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the fitting as per your requirement. The variety of pretty colors and lacey details available make this bra an attractive option for new moms wanting to look and feel great.

Quality of Support

This bra features front clips that offer quick and easy access for your baby to nurse. This underwire bra offers additional support and gives your breasts a shapely look. A stretch-lace overlay is attached to hooks on the front, which provides hands-free support when you’re pumping.

Level of Comfort

The underwire on this bra offers additional support, but may not be comfortable for some women who dislike underwire bras. The adjustable shoulder straps featured in this product give you the flexibility to adjust the fit of the bra to suit your comfort level.


The Rosie Pope Pump and Nurse Underwire Breast Pump Bras facilitates easy nursing with front clasps that can be quickly unbuckled to enable your baby to nurse. This bra also includes a second-layer inside with openings that allow you to attach pump flanges, thus serving the dual role of a nursing as well as pumping bra.

Attractive Design

A new mom loves to feel pretty and feminine, and this bra has a pretty, lacey design that nursing moms absolutely love. This bra is available in several shades, including a cute pink color, which most women love to wear.


  • Attractive design
  • Available in several colors
  • Underwire offering additional support


  • Tends to run small
  • Holes for pump flanges are big and visible

Rumina Pump and Nurse Classic Crossover Breast Pump Bras

Rumina's Hands Free Classic Pump&Nurse Adjustable Pumping Bra for...
  • Woman Owned, US Company. Ships US. Rumina's Hands Free Nursing and Pumping Bra is the FIRST all-in-one bra created by...
  • SAVES TIME. Simply insert the breast shield through the bottom opening without detaching the breast shield from the...
  • CONVENIENT. This crossover design is the FIRST patented pumping bra that allows moms to pump and nurse at the same time...

Rumina Pump and Nurse Classic Crossover Breast Pump Bras feature a patented “no-hole” design that allows for hands-free pumping. Among the many breast pump bras available, the Rumina Pump & Nurse Classic Crossover Breast Pump Bra is among the only ones that offers a crossover design, which makes it easy to wear all day. The patented no-hole design makes this bra a worthy purchase, providing superior comfort and efficient pumping.

Quality of Support

This breast pump bra is made from soft jersey knit cotton that gently stretches and offers moderate support. It includes an adjustable back clip that provides a comfortable fit.

Level of Comfort

The Rumina Pump and Nurse Classic Crossover Breast Pump Bra is made of cotton and spandex, giving it a soft finish, making it super comfortable to wear all day and night. This bra is super soft against your skin, with no velcros or zippers used.


The no-hole design with folding layers allows your breast pump to work efficiently, allowing superior suction. The pull-down nursing design allows your baby to latch on quickly with ease.

Attractive Design

This bra includes a crossover design, ideal for new moms with an active lifestyle. This breast bra pump features a smart and neat-looking design without the use of hooks, velcros, or zippers.


  • Soft fabric making the bra super comfortable to wear
  • Exclusive no-hole design, making pumping more efficient


  • Tends to wear off quickly
  • Can run small for women with large breasts

Desirelove Nursing and Breast Pump Bra

Desirelove Nursing Bra 3 Pack Maternity Seamless Bras with Removable...
  • Useful Motherhood Maternity Bra :This maternity sleeping bra is designed both for pregnant and nursing. Full coverage...
  • Breastfeeding Nursing Bra: Removable Pads, molded foam cups for a lining when you want it (to hide nipples or breast...
  • Sleeping Bras for Nursing and Pregnancy :Package:3 x Desirelove nursing bras + 3 x extra bra strap clips + 3 x bra...

The Desirelove Nursing and Breast Pump Bra offers easy breastfeeding access to your baby. This bra is made with soft, silky fabric that adjusts to your changing body, beginning from pregnancy to post-partum. This bra can also be used as a pumping bra, though it doesn’t provide significant benefits and features for pumping.

Quality of Support

Desirelove Nursing and Breast Pump Bras offer superior support and are ideal for new moms with slightly larger breast size. The bra includes full coverage breast pads that firm yet gentle support for your breasts.

Level of Comfort

This breast pump bra has is made of gentle fabric, which is very soft on your skin and comfortable for wearing all day or night. Adjustable straps allow you to make this nursing pump fit as per your comfort.


Featuring one-hand nursing clips, this bra allows you to quickly offer breastfeeding access whenever your baby needs to nurse.

Attractive Design

If you’re looking for a nursing bra with a seamless design, the Desirelove Nursing and Breast Pump Bra is ideal. The soft material gives the bra a neat finish, making it comfortable to wear even when sleeping.


  • Convenient breastfeeding access
  • Soft fabric makes it comfortable to wear any time


  • Lacks support features for pumping
  • Cups are thick and may trap heat and moisture


Breast pump bras are a boon for new moms that want to make their breastfeeding and pumping experience an easy and comfortable experience. Among the several breast pump bras available in the market, the Dairy Fairy Rose bra is one of the best you can buy. It offers great value for the price, while serving the dual function of being both a nursing and pumping bra. The Diary Fairy Rose bra is made of super soft fabric, is comfortable to wear, and includes helpful features for both nursing and pumping duties. This product deserves a rating of 4 stars based on quality and functionality parameters.

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