Breast Enlargement Pump: An Honest Review

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Many women are unhappy because their breasts are not the right shape, in the correct position, or change after breastfeeding. This can dramatically affect a woman's confidence levels and cause low self-esteem. Several techniques can help increase breast size. However, using a breast enlargement pump can be a minimally invasive and safer way when compared to other methods of breast augmentation, such as plastic surgery, or taking medications and natural supplements.

We've put together this review to help you understand the best breast enlargement pumps on the market. If you have further questions about device-specific instructions, please contact the product manufacturer directly. If you've already decided, and are ready to purchase a breast enlargement pump, the good news is that you can buy any of these systems easily online on Amazon.

What Is a Breast Enlargement Pump?

breast enlargement pump

Breast enlargement pumps have been on the market, for many years. They are popular amongst women who want to increase breast size in the comfort of their homes, naturally, and without consulting a plastic surgeon or taking medications that contain harsh chemicals. Medications that can increase breast size often have side effects and can be hazardous to a woman's health.

Another breast enlargement alternative includes using natural supplements. However, some natural supplements can interfere with the body's chemistry and build-up in your bloodstream and body tissue, which can also cause undesirable effects. Further, women who opt for natural supplements resent the hassle of taking them every day. Forgetting to take a daily supplement can delay producing noticeable results.

As a last resort, many women consider breast augmentation surgery. Yet, this is an expensive option that comes with health risks, required downtime, money, and patience in recovery after a cosmetic procedure.

In contrast to the aforementioned breast enlargement options, breast enlargement pumps are widely available, easy to use and affordable.  A breast enlargement pump is a great alternative and a tool for women who want to improve their breast shape and size, especially after breastfeeding. They are also portable, easy to store, and easy to use in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

A breast enlargement pump, as a safer alternative, is a suction device (either manual or electric) applied with plastic breast cups directly over the breast to stimulate growth. Breast pumps work because the skin is elastic and when stretched frequently, a breast enlargement pump creates more space for augmentation.

The pump also stimulates the breast tissue and signals the body to produce hormones necessary for breast growth. This kind of stimulation will increase breast size naturally without using medications that have the potential to be harmful to the body or cause severe side effects.

Product Specs

breast enlargement pump with specific tools

Breast pumps come in various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers have designed them in different shapes and sizes as to fit the needs of any woman. Manufacturers usually suggest using a breast enlargement pump for at least fifteen minutes, twice a day.

You can use a support bra to hold the cups in place while other devices come with necessary straps. Some women may also need to consider applying moisturizer before using a breast pump, so the cups stay attached.

The breast enlargement pump system will include two breast cups attached to a pump. Place the breast cups over the breasts, and then the attached pump will gently increase pressure. The pump will create suction pressure in the breasts, which pulls the breasts outwards.

The pressure formed inside the breast and cup creates a vacuum which forces fluids and fat to move into all expanding areas of the breast. The suction movement also stimulates the body to create more breast tissue cells, also thus causing the breast to expand.

It is better to use the pump for two short periods, instead of one long period. The downtime between treatments will help prevent bruising that happens when using the pump excessively and encourage the body to respond better to stimulation.

​Four Breast Enlargement Pump Options

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Size Matters Breast Enlargement Pump Set
  • Noogleberry Breast Enlargement and Enhancement System
  • SudaTek Woman Breast Vacuum Pump
  • HenMerry Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Breast Enlargement Pump Set

Breast Enlargement Pump

Size Matters Breast Enlargement Pump Set
  • Simple, easy to use design
  • Medical-style hand pump
  • Quick-release pressure valve

The Size Matters Breast Enlargement Pump Set is a simple, manual-pumping breast enlargement device, that encourages natural breast growth over repeated use. You must complete breast pumping, one breast at a time, and each breast for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Finding a comfortable place to sit, and designating at least 30 minutes for your daily routine, is best.

This breast enlargement pump is a great choice for anyone interested in natural breast enlargement without breaking the bank.


This device is simple and easy-to-use, which adds to its appeal for any consumer looking to increase breast size. It's a great set for any consumer interested in natural breast enhancement, who has no previous experience with breast pumps and is looking to try it out.


  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Medical-style hand pump
  • Quick-release pressure valve


  • Requires manual pumping
  • Plastic breast cups are ideal for A/B breast size
  • Breast pumping, one side at a time is time-consuming

Natural Breast Enlargement

AnE Toys Best Set of Double Cup 2 Pack Large - Extra Large Massage...
  • STRONG AND DURABLE BREAST CUPS - Made of Medical Grade Strong and Durable Plastic.
  • COMFORT AND SAVINGS - an extension tube is included for comfotable extended connection and a FREE hand pump also...

The Natural Breast enlargement and Enhancement System advertises itself as being a breast enhancement system sold for a fraction of the price. They claim to have a proven track record of excellent results. The benefit of working with this manufacturer is that they offer great sales support and customer service.

The quality of this breast enlargement pump is definitely above the standard, and its quality is comparative to more expensive breast pumps for expressing milk. Noogleberry specifically caters to consumers who have purchased inadequate systems, previously disappointed by the poor quality. However, the system is a manual device, that requires pumping.


The Natural Breast Enlargement and Enhancement System includes hand pumps that are strong and high quality; not softer or inadequate plastics which often fail after initial use. Tubing is high quality silicone and durable.

These breast pumps are hard plastic, strong and resistant to cracking. They are also smooth, rounded, and gentle when used. As compared to other systems on the market, customer feedback reveals satisfaction with the Noogleberry system.


  • Natural and safe breast enlargement system
  • Strong pump creates effective suction
  • High quality silicone tubing and crack resistant cups


  • Manual, hand pumps
  • Breast pump, one side at a time can be time-consuming
  • Expensive system

Breast Cupping Set

Breast Cupping Set Dual Large Suction Cup with Manual Hand Pump...
  • The method does not involve injection or medication, but physiotherapy treatment only
  • Light and durable plastic cups,Removable rubber ring on each cup for tight seal, comfort, and easy cleaning
  • Very easy to use.Simply attach the hose to the pump cup and place the cup over your body

Like other breast enlargement pumps, the SudaTek Vacuum Pump stretches and develops breast tissue gently throughout continual usage. This pump produces results because as breast tissue is stretch, it responds both by producing swelling and by stimulating breast tissue cells to develop as to accommodate skin expansion.

The new breast tissue will be the same as the original breast tissue. It will feel natural. SudaTek suggests that persistence is key, and that using their vacuum pump consistently will produce better results.


The SudaTek system is easy to use. Pump to a comfortable pressure and hold that for 10 to 15 minutes on each breast twice a day. Do not over pump if there is pain or discomfort.


  • Best for small to medium-sized breasts
  • Comfortable plastic breast cups
  • Removable rubber ring on each cup for effective sealing and easy cleaning


  • Requires manual pumping
  • Breast pump, one side at a time is time-consuming
  • Breast cups may require replacement

HenMerry Dual Vacuum

HenMerry Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Breast Enlargement Pump Set
  • Material: Silicone tubing and cup rings; Clear acrylic plastic cups; ABS plastic aut
  • Enlarge your breasts and increase sensitivity with this high quality acrylic breast pump.
  • Simply place the pump cups over your breasts, squeeze the included hand pump, and pump your breasts to the desired...

The HenMerry Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Breast Enlargement Pump Set works on the same concepts of breast enhancement as previously discussed. The HenMerry Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Breast Enlargement Pump Set works on medically recognized, effective and safe principles.

By applying the breast pump to breast tissue, and expanding the skin and chest muscles, breast enlargement occurs naturally. This pump will also promote blood flow and encourage hormones to stimulate breast growth.


This system is easy to use. Place the pump cups over your breasts, buckle the bra, and switch on the suction (suction strength can control on its own). The treatment will last 10 to 15 minutes. After treatment massage the treatment area for 5 to 10 minutes.

This part of the treatment is important. The treatment will be more successful with massage, and will also correct any irritation caused by suction.  You should do these treatments once in the morning and once at night.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Electric vs. manual pump
  • Clear cups allow you to monitor your treatment


  • Breast cups are small. There's only one size
  • Must hold tight to the skin while pumping
  • The seal comes off easily


For the ease of use, we chose the HenMerry Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Breast Enlargement System as the best of the list rating for the, ease of use, performance, and design quality.

Specifically, for being an electric pump system designed to give great therapeutic results, it's one of the best breast enlargement pumps on the market. These great breast enlargement systems are available for purchase on Amazon, with fast delivery options.

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